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Thursday, Apr 30 2009 - what if, it didn't have to be perfect...

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DH who loves to read about world religions once told me that a Buddhist saying was, "Imperfection is part of the perfection of things".

Honestly, when it comes to both diet and exercise, I've always stumbled because I could not establish static patterns of eating and exercising.

So CK can mess with your head because you want to perfectly gauge calories; you want to perfectly estimate your calorie burn; you get frustrated if you didn't eat perfectly or exercise as per "the" schedule. So maybe that's my goal; to learn to keep doing my best in spite of the imperfections of schedule, calorie burn estimates, calorie intake estimates.

Experienced people say, 'keep logging". They actively analyze what went wrong on a bad day. They seem to have a unique ability to acknowledge what went wrong and resolve to move forward to that clean slate diary page of a new day.

Today, that is all I have to try to do.

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