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Wednesday, May 6 2009 - It got me...

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I just felt horrible all day today but I thought it was because I had exercised very intensely Tuesday pm (outside) and ultra aggravated my allergies. It's the final three weeks of school and Teacher Appreciation Week so there is food everywhere at school. Yesterday we had pizza and apple pie to celebrate the principal's birthday. But I brought healthy snacks, ate one piece of pizza and 1/2 piece of pie. I stayed on my food plan and stayed under my max. Today it was cinnamon rolls in the lounge and brisket and twice baked potatoes for lunch with brownies for dessert. I just decided that I didn't want to juggle it two days in a row, so I ate my packed lunch and stayed out of the lounge. I avoided the food and have been working like a beaver to get some stuff done that I was delayed on :nono2: but when I got home I started to chill and feel horrible. I have a temp and so I won't go to school with all the H1N1 influenza stuff. The nurse has to follow her own advice: stay home if you are sick. But it's a sucky time to be gone.

Today was also School Nurse Day. They've informed me their will be a food fest to celebrate that next week. :afraid4: This Friday is "playday" which is a lot of fun but I better be well. So tomorrow is concentrate on getting better day.

I like my CK diet better when I can exercise. Knowing you are not going to exercise and you have to stay under the max is like walking the tight rope without a net. Wish me luck.

05/07 update. The influenza screen came back negative, so I'm not a Typhoid Mary. :thumbu2:

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