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Saturday, May 9 2009 - Girl gone wild

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Okay, today was not a good day. I ate stupid. I let myself get too hungry. AND, AND once you start to get better at weighing food and estimating portions it gets a lot harder to fool yourself. We ate barbeque tonight. I had a pulled chicken sandwich which we got to go. So I found that it was 5 oz of chicken. I ate 1/2 of the bun only and had a quarter cup of their absolutely to die for beans. But I had not managed my calories well through the day so I just didn't have anything to play with. The calories were "gone" when I put in the chicken.

Well, it was delicious. Every bite.

Would you like to hear about my extra bike ride? It was good, very good. And I enjoyed it, too.

But not enough to do it a lot.

But the barbeque was really, realy good.


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