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Saturday, May 16 2009 - One month in

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I've been doing this for one month. Many diet impulses perish before the one month mark so good for me. I really like to eat and I am beginning to realize how skewed my portions have been. Today we ate lunch at Quiznos and I had a sammie. They are a little small but when I walked out I was full. And I think of the times I have eaten a regular size Quiznos sandwich. It really is amazing.

I'm seeking to answer the question about how best to integrate "regular" foods in the diet. I mean it's obvious that there are some foods that are just so calorie dense that to eat them even occasionally is silly. An example would be a Braum's double dip sundae. There are some foods that you can have them if you keep to the occasional "treat". It can be awfully easy to convince yourself that you deserve a treat. But I will put chocolate on this list. You know, an occasional fun size 3 Musketeers bar or a square of Ghiradelli chocolate. Another is cheese, which I love. I don't want to live in a "cheese free" world. I don't. But it will have to assume treat status in some way.

Finally, there are things like bread. I'm thinking about making bread. Sounds great. I may see if making a loaf of bread is a sane thing to do or if it unleashes the demons.

So I may experiment with the bread and see how that goes.

Happy one month anniversary to me!

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