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Friday, Aug 21 2009 - Reflections on what I can do that I couldn't do 4 months ago

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I've been on CK now about 4 months; just a bit more than 4 months. This week I attended two spinning classes. I didn't do a fabulous job. I basically rode the bike, learned the moves and sweated. I didn't do a lot of manipulation of the levels of effort. But I didn't do a lot of extra sitting on the seat. And it didn't take sheer gutting it out to last the class--tonights was ridiculously long--over an hour. I didn't perform at a high level but I performed. Sweated like a pig.

And I know that 6 months ago I wouldn't have even considered going to such a thing. And if I had, I could not have lasted the whole class.

I've lost about 37# total. Makes a difference in what your body can do.

I'm not sure if I can routinely fit hour long exercise classes in to my evening. Maybe, maybe not. But the more tools I build up for exercise the more choices I have. I worry about the sustainability thing but I'm willing to take it one piece at a time and try to work through it.

I'm grateful to be here, now.

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