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Saturday, Oct 10 2009 - there or almost there

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When I weighed on Friday, my weight was 147 1/4. Just shy of my final goal. However, I'm still dealing with a voracious appetite and I've just been snacky, for weeks it seems. I don't know if it's weather/change of seasons, hormonal (I quit my estrogen gel to cut monthly costs), a phase or just that my weight goal may be at the low end of sustainability for me.

At any rate, unless I really get crazy and start to go majorly backwards (heaven forbid and after tonight's Vietnamese feast/fest I only thought of that as a possibility) I will go on Maintenance at the end of October no matter what my weight. I think it is possible and probable that I will hit 147, probably not Monday after all of this fried food this week-end but may well by this coming Friday. But if not, I will go on "right where I am at". I'm not coping well with 1200 calories. I'm getting a little food obsessed. And I've probably "red-lined" more the last 4 or 5 weeks than I have the whole time on. Crazy times.

Anyhow, this evening we went to some acquaintances of DH. They are Vietnamese and they cooked this fabulous Vietnamese meal for us and one other person. Very, very tasty. Problematic for me, the meal was a little later than I typically like to eat. Did spinning this morning and "saved" calories but I was too hungry going in to the meal. It's like driving down a road knowing that you will be in a train wreck because everything is not set up for success. Still, my goal is to say, "It happened. It's over. Move on tomorrow and do the next right thing."

But all of it is like a preview of EEK!--the holidays! Lordy.

The weekends are the absolute worst. Gee, I'd like to tell anyone reading this that after you've been on CK for a while, you get weekends figured out and it's okay. But it would be a lie. The weekends ARE a deviation from a typical schedule. And the feel is simply a big blank permission to eat "off the plan". But you cannot and continue to succeed. At the least, it will blunt your success.

So the real challenge becomes eating off the typical plan one day and the next day being back on the plan. I'm having a real problem with that right now. I think part of it is mindset. My "old ways" are calling me back. Surprised! But why am I surprised? Those old habits die hard and they are far from dead.

Dumb things. I'm nibbling. Licking spoons. Wanting treats. Letting myself have "seconds" (especially tonight). Silly, stupid things. But hopefully writing them out is calling myself out and I can do better tomorrow.

Take care of tomorrow.

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