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Saturday, Jan 18 2014 - Half way through January

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Well, a definite up and down week. Lots of stress and, I admit, a little stress eating. But I've gotten my eating between meals somewhat under control (except for the evenings but I had pretty much globalized it to the whole darn day).

Sometimes you have to shake things up so I've decided to go a little more high protein, high fiber and to avoid bread for a while. I'm not saying, "Bread! Never!" but for now I'm not eating it on a daily basis.

The water thing is very important and it really contributes to eating for the wrong reasons.

I did not do much logging this week but I got a recipe in and I think that will help. Because when I make a pot of soup, it's what I eat for that week. Work was unreal.

I do sense some fat loss on my torso. I am getting back into exercise. The hardest days are the days I don't swim. It is possible to over train when you are swimming and then I just don't have any energy but I want to use my between swimming days for cycling and weights.

The goal with swimming is to improve times. I think that will be challenging but towards that, weight loss will help and working on upper body strength will help. But I also want to do some cycling. Today while swimming, I got a cramp in my left calf. I've had foot cramps but never a calf muscle. Youch!

Interesting week and I feel a sense of peacefulness with being back to CK.


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