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Monday, Apr 1 2013 - motivation

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So it's amazing how motivated you can get just going to the gym. I wasn't that motivated today but I went to the gym and after about 2 minutes I just totally got into it. I had a banging workout and just kicked ass today. It's such a great feeling. :laugh5:

Today is my wedding anniversary to my husband of 24 years. Did I ever say he was the bestest, handsomest, hawtest, greastest, incrediblest man I have ever met? He totally rocks my world.

I came home from a grueling 2 1/2 hour workout and he's got presents for me, presents I tell you. Huge surprise because we were celebrating it later in the week and taking a few days out on a road trip. He's just so good to me, it makes me cry. He says he loves me, he says he's so proud of me and that he's supports me so much. He tells me he loves me all the time......

God is so good, I'm so happy. It's amazing.

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5 years ago

Belated Happy Anniversary!! :queen: