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Saturday, May 4 2013 - Great week

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I finally was able to put myself back together and make it to gym more than one time a week. I've been 4 times this week and logged in 460 minutes. I hope I've gotten over my hump and can go from here. April was such a crappy month for me and one of the reasons was because I was a total slacker. I blew off the gym and food responsibilities....just didn't care. It's so hard to stay focused but I really want to loose this weight and get past silver level. I've been up and down the scale all freaking month, it's so ridiculous. Time to get back on track and keep going......I've got no where else to be. I'm tired of looking in the mirror and seeing fat, I'm tired of shopping in the fatty section of clothing stores.

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5 years ago

Congrats on getting to the gym 4x this week! That's super:) Keep that up and you will achieve your goals. You can do it. Best, Cheryl55