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Sunday, Feb 10 2013

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Been doing good.

Now, while I am doing great with staying at my calorie targets and exercising, I have been neglecting my blood sugar.

It was because I was still having lots of lows after doubling so many workouts.

It's calming down a bit now, so I have to pick up the ball on correctly managing my diabetes again.

I have to remind myself, above any sort of dieting or exercising, I have realized that the number one goal is to manage my diabetes well.

I kept waking up low, so I had some desert before sleeping last night. I made it an excuse to break my 3 meal goal in order to avoid a low, when the rule is that I can only have a snack if I am ACTUALLY having a low.

If I don't follow it like that, then I will always be eating snacks willy-nilly, having horrible blood sugars again, and sabotaging myself.

So, even though I get a reward for fulfilling that goal last week, it's out for this week.

I've got to start nudging myself to maintain my good BG's again or else I'll mess this all up. (Because it really does influence everything, do not forget. It is your primary motivation!)


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