RENIGEID's Jan 2005 CalorieKing Blog

Monday, January 31st 2005

BP=119/70 @ 7:15AM


35 mins on Bow flex working upper body.
Immediately after working out BP=125/63 and P=73.

31 mins on treadmill for a dist of 1.57 mi. Tot cals=255 & tot fat cals=159

Sunday, January 30th 2005

BP=109/67 @ 8:45 AM


51 mins on Bow Flex working upper body including 300 crunches.
BP immediately after completing 300 crunches=116/66 & P=77

54 mins on treadmill=2.44 mi, 441 tot cals & 207 fat cals.

Saturday, January 29th 2005


15 mins on treadmill. 124 tot cals and 73 fat cals. Only 3/4 mile tonight. Long day. BP=131/72 within two mins after getting off treadmill. P=66

30 mins on Bowfles this afternoon for upper body.

Friday, January 28th 2005

BP=120/74 @ 9:25 AM. Just up from breakfast table.

Weight 165.5

40 mins on the Bow Flex working lower body, legs and abbs.

30 mins on treadmill for a dist of 1.57. Tot cals=272 & tot fat cals=170
BP within 2 mins of treadmill=130/71 & P=72

Thursday, January 27th 2005

BP=131/71 @7:00 AM


30 mins on Bow Flex, upper body.

30 mins total on treadmill including warm up and cool down.
3 mins after treadmill BP=106/50, P=75
A total of 1.56 mi. 263 tot cals & 164 fat cals. Time 7:45 PM