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Thursday, Nov 24 2005

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Weight=156#..........BP @ 7:00 AM=134/68 & P=60 BPM.

24 mins working crunches/Bow Flex 60# resist/Reg.
35 mins walking with Ebby & Ren on morn woods walk. 50 degrees & BEAUTIFUL!!!

Well, the holiday cooking is getting to me again. Just had 1/16 of a GREAT sweet potato pie Ebby made last light for a tot of 254 calories. Oh well, this too shall pass.

Since winter has arrived and not as much outside work as in the summer, I have reduced my "exercise" cals from 500 a day to 300 per day. Have also increased my daily NET cals by 100 as I have been staying well below my upper weight limit of 160#. Will keep a close watch on the results and change accordingly.

Old Age Ain't No Place for Sissies! Have a nice Thanksgiving, anyone reading this. Jim

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