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Thursday, Apr 26 2007 - Weight creeping back up little by little. :o(

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The butterflies are returning!! Ebby and I spent most of yesterday repotting her ferns and bush hogging one of the pastures. Also staked the tomato plants to keep them from breaking in the wind and also when the fruit begins to get too heavy. Love this weather!!!! Although a lot of the flowers were killed (first blooms) they are beginning to come back now.

Ebby and I were both awake this AM at three o'clock so just got up and worked on our computers for awhile. I found it was a good time to get Dell Support going and take care of a couple of gliches on my new Dell. No waiting on a tech at that time. Interesting but everytime I've gone for support the tech was in India!

Raining here this morning but no problem. We really need it.

Weight creeping back up in spite of outside work and exercise! :o 167#!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice day to all of my friends. Hope you enjoy the beautiful butterfly. Jim & Ebby

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a decade ago

:wave1: The butterfly is beautiful..I know you are enjoying them.;)




a decade ago

What a fun day. All that exercise should help with the weight. :kiss:




a decade ago

Jim, I think you are an inspiration. Gosh how do i say this without appearing rude........I guess just say it and hope you dont take it the wrong way..LOL
I think its amazing that at 71 you are here (on CK not on the planet LOL) doing what you think best to control your weight. At 71 I think Im going to be "Oh what the hell im old anyway why should I worry about this body anymore" LOL (i know a very poor attitude :( My grandmother (god rest her soul) at late 70 something wouldnt have cataract surgery because as she said " Im old this is just what happens when you get old" guess I inherated her thinking a bit..LOL
well maybe with your inspiration I will think diffrently when I get to be your age. Thanks for changing my thinking :)
and by the way I like your before and after pictures...funny For a moment there I thought you had really become a woman..NOW THERES A TRANSFORMATION LOL
Have a great day :)




a decade ago





a decade ago

Enjoy your beautiful weather because it's 50 and raining here. Beautiful butterfly! Have a great day Jim! :love:

by MA


a decade ago

I here you're getting a good bit of rain today.... I hope It drifts far enough south for us to get a good bit..... We are turning into red desert down here! I love butterflies...