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Sunday, Apr 29 2007 - Beautiful day

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Another beautiful day here.

Put the camera out at one of the deer feeders last night and it took 57 photos of deer, cyototes, whatever feeding. Only one problem! Forgot to turn on the flash!!!! Only five shots of a doe feeding after daylight this morning. Was thinking perhaps a new fawn or two would show up but nope, no flash, no fawns. Oh well, will make sure the flash is on tonight.

Weight=166.5#...................No sure about the weight creeping up if it is fat or new muscle as I have began faithfully working out with the BowFlex every other day for the last couple of weeks.
Guess time will tell. Was my intention to go back up to 165/170 # and see how the change in weight affected energy and feelings. Not sweating it yet. Perhaps will have to take a look at the issue later.

Ebby off to church while Ren and I hold the fort down.

Photo of some wild honeysuckle that survived the hard late freeze we had about three or four weeks ago. It sure killed a lot of things and is making them come out late if at all. Killed all of the blue berries as they already had small berries on them. No blue berries this year. Alas!!

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a decade ago

I love looking at your photos. You have such a good eye for taking beautiful pictures. Have a peaceful Sunday. :love:




a decade ago

Too bad about the blueberries, they are so good....and good for you.
I love watching the deer...esp the babies..
Have a good one.