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Tuesday, Jun 19 2007 - Not much news today

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Finally convienced Ebby to see a dr yesterday. Tests scheduled tomorrow at the hosp. We'll see what is going on perhaps.

Up early, breakfast, Ebby, Ren and I had our one mile walk through the woods. A beautiful morning. cool, breezy and overcast. Hopefully a little rain later.

Just finished my treadmill exercise (12:55 AM). (3.12 mi. in 45 minutes at an average incline of 7 degrees for the entire walk.) Yup, did raise a good sweat for the old man. :) Blood pressure immediately upon finishing was 129/72 and the heart still pounding a little @ 100 BPM. Not bad as it still beats about 56 to 60 beats PM at rest. :thumbu2:

Now for a shower and a quick (I hope) trip to the dentist.

K, nuff for now. No new photos today :(

Y'all, if anyone reading this horn tooting, have a great, great day. :love:

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a decade ago

I am also glad that you have convinced her to go. Sometimes not knowing can lead to stress and not feeling well. I KNOW she will be OK. Prayers for her and a hug for you for being a husband who cares and loves her enough to do this. Yep, my husband is the stubborn one at this end. No doctors for him. Your morning walks sound so beautiful in all aspects.




a decade ago

Good luck with Ebby's appointment. :love:

by MA


a decade ago

:hi: Jim, Sorry for how late I am jumping on here (I can't seem to catch up on life, no matter how early I start!), but I am really glad that you convinced Ebby to see a doctor :love:! Keep us posted! And your treadmill routine sounds great and very sweaty (the best kind of workout, to me, is a very sweaty one!)! I can't quite envision being on the treadmill at 1AM in the morning, though :)! Okay, I don't have much to say. . . . I love ya, Kristen :love:



a decade ago

Prayers for Ebby.
"Horn tooting" <snorf>
I like that.
and enjoy yours.




a decade ago

I'm glad you convinced her to go. Let us know how she makes out. Hope it turns out to be nothing. Hope you're having a wonderful evening. :)

by BUN201



a decade ago

Jim, Keep us posted on Ebby. I'm glad she's finally going to have everything checked out. My husband always worries about me when something isn't quite right. We :heart2: you guys for worrying! The walk sounded nice. I love the outdooors!




a decade ago

:wave1: Jim I am so happy that Ebby is finally going to find out what is wrong...I know she does not like being sick....I pray that it is something not serious....Have a wonderful day and keep us posted on Ebby...I know we are all concerned...She is in my prayers...:)