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Thursday, Jun 21 2007 - Thursday, another beautiful and great day!

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Ok, so you say"what's so great about Thursday!" Well, I am alive, somewhat healthy and still kicking. I awoke again and found where I placed my head before falling asleep! :)

Seriously, we got Ebby's tests behind her yesterday but we won't know much for a few days it seems. We really appreciate those of you who have inquired about her and offered up your prayers. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. :love:

We also had a great breakfast out yesterday after the tests (very late breakfast) and then went out (and hear this) bought her a new firearm, a "Lady Smith" 22 mag that just fits her small hands perfectly. Looks like I just may have a new "Annie Oakley" here on my hands! :devious:

Any one lost a young bull weighing about 500 pounds? One got in our pasture a couple of days ago and we are having a hard time finding the owner. Have advertized on the radio but so far no one has claimed it. hmmmm, thing a giant BBQ is in order here soon? ,) Just kidding about the BBQ

See the water pan for the gold finches? I made it from an old cooking skillet. They love it.

"Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have more chocolate." - Joan Rivers

have a great day Y'all. Later. Jim

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a decade ago

Please let us know how the test come out for Ebby, Jim. Otherwise have a great day! :love:

by MA


a decade ago

:hi: Jim, You and Ebby are just priceless :love:!!!!!!! Love the little gold finches--they just ALWAYS make me smile!!! Is that dog a Chocolate Lab??? He is a real beauty! Keep rockin' in your joy, Jim :love:!!! Love ya lots, Kristen :heart1:



a decade ago

I just lost my comment to you. It was so clever too. I don't think I'll remember all of it. You are so resourceful....are you sure you're not an ol' Yankee??? LOL I lost my pet bull, could you send him back to me??? How do you lose something that big! I'm still praying Ebby's tests come out okay. And, I hope you have a great evening. :)

by BUN201



a decade ago

I will be especially happy when I hear that Ebby's tests are all good!
The Goldfinches are delightful and visit my feeders everyday. Sometimes as many as 13 at a time. Such a wonderful sight! May tomorrow be special day for you and Ebby, too! :heart2:




a decade ago

I love the idea of the watering pan, neat idea.
I, too, have a small firearm..and I might add, I know how to use it. Just pray that I never have the need to do so.
I know what you mean about it being a great day when you wake up, and your feet will reach the floor and you can walk etc. and know you are doing these things. My heart goes out to the millions our age that can't say this. God love them all.
Have a wonderful day, Jim :kiss:




a decade ago

:wave1: Good morning Jim, I am still praying that Ebby's tests show nothing serious....Your gold finches water pan is a very clever idea...Is the after picture your dog....he is he a chocolate lab? Hope you and your have a beautiful day...on this the first day of summer...:)