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Top of the morning Y'all!!

Sunday, June 24th 2007

I know Y'all get tired of this, BUT, a beautiful day is dawning!!! My wife tells me the birds are singing although I do not hear them. I know they sound beautiful because I've heard them in the past. I see them tho and they are beautiful creatures!

See the bull that seems to have adopted Ebby. Wish someone would claim it. I've advertized it on the local radio and made several phone calls to locals that I know have cattle but so far no one claims it. Ebby and I stopped fooling with cattle y...

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Deliquent again!

Saturday, June 23rd 2007

:hi: Y'all, late here again. Circumstances prevent me from being so gung ho and I guess also make me a little lazy.

But! Did have a rough night so slept in a little later and then did some bush hogging in the back pasture in 93 degree heat. The sun and the heat from the tractor almost did the old man in. Guess I am getting old in spite of hanging on with both hands and leaving scratch marks as I am being dragged into..........deep :sleep3:.

The blooming lily is at the corner of the front porch w...

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Beautiful day here in n Georgia.

Friday, June 22nd 2007

Nothing going on to get excited about today. So! Anyone stopping by, just have a nice day yourself. :)

A rose for the lady buddies. :kiss:


Thursday, another beautiful and great day!

Thursday, June 21st 2007

Ok, so you say"what's so great about Thursday!" Well, I am alive, somewhat healthy and still kicking. I awoke again and found where I placed my head before falling asleep! :)

Seriously, we got Ebby's tests behind her yesterday but we won't know much for a few days it seems. We really appreciate those of you who have inquired about her and offered up your prayers. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. :love:

We also had a great breakfast out yesterday after the tests (very lat...

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Not much news today

Tuesday, June 19th 2007

Finally convienced Ebby to see a dr yesterday. Tests scheduled tomorrow at the hosp. We'll see what is going on perhaps.

Up early, breakfast, Ebby, Ren and I had our one mile walk through the woods. A beautiful morning. cool, breezy and overcast. Hopefully a little rain later.

Just finished my treadmill exercise (12:55 AM). (3.12 mi. in 45 minutes at an average incline of 7 degrees for the entire walk.) Yup, did raise a good sweat for the old man. :) Blood pressure immediately upon fin...

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