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Tuesday, Jul 24 2007 - Yup, when you find a good thing, stick with it!

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Ebby, that is (from yesterday's blog. :)

We are finally getting a little rain every day now. Sure is nice for the grass in the yard and pastures.

One more day now until trip to eye spec for eye exam. Sure will be glad to get something going on this. Been waiting on this appointment for six weeks now! :(

Tired of deer pics? I guess so but take a look at this pair. Beautiful animals!

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a decade ago

They are beautiful. Thanks for the compliment about my painting. :) I agree with Donna. Never tire of the pictures. Have a great day! :love:

by BUN201



a decade ago

:wave1: Never tire of your pictures...I hope everything goes well at the eye doctor tomorrow and that they can fix the problem..The rain is much needed I know...I hope you and Ebby are having a great day...Know that you are in my prayers always.:)




a decade ago


by MA