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A great Sunday morning to Ya'll!

Sunday, September 23rd 2007

Ok, another week gone by, fall is in the air and all appears well. Weight still holding at 164.5 this AM.

Weather has been so nice it's hard to stay indoors at all.

Attached is a photo of "three of the girls" taken night before last.

Have a great day all and God bless. Jim

Beautiful fall like weather here folks. Beautiful!

Tuesday, September 18th 2007

Trying to get the pastures all cut and ready for winter here now. Weather is so pretty I cannot stay inside at all. Have to get on the tractor and be moving..Loving the outside work in the fields. To me this isn't work but "play"! :)

More rain forecast for this next week end. Sure hope someone knows what they are talking about.

All still status quo here. Waiting on scan results. Doctors are so slow sometimes. :(

Spot the fawn who still has spots in the photo. This one from...

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Fall is in the air here in n Ga this morning

Sunday, September 16th 2007

:hi: anyone taking a peek here this morning. The weather has turned cool and we've at last had some rain. We got 5 inches in one day and night. sure did bring up the water level in the pond. Now perhaps the fish will survive. Was beginning to have my doubts.

Been awhile since blogging and just letting everyone know we are doing ok for a couple of oldesters. Miss Y'all I want you to know. Will be able to get on more soon I hope.

Take a look at the young buck that was caught on the deer c...

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A very nice cool morning here and a nice one to Y'all.

Saturday, September 8th 2007

I can almost feel the approaching fall in the early mornings here now but the heat of noon day brings me back to the rash reality that summer isn't through with us just yet. We have been running in the mid to high 90's the past few days and about the same is forecast for next week.

Ebby and I are still doing pretty well for a couple of oldsters and are both looking forward to fall. Have two doc appointments this coming week regarding the old eyes. A cat scan is scheduled for Wednesday and ...

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Just time for a morning blog.

Tuesday, September 4th 2007

Just letting my friends know I am still "kicking". Not much to blog about lately. so busy, so little time and not feeling the best so just not on the computer that much. Anyway, a great day to everyone a a photo of a few of my "woods" friends taken this weekend by the deer cam at the woods feeder.

A great Tuesday to Y'all. :wave1: Jim