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Tuesday, Sep 4 2007 - Just time for a morning blog.

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Just letting my friends know I am still "kicking". Not much to blog about lately. so busy, so little time and not feeling the best so just not on the computer that much. Anyway, a great day to everyone a a photo of a few of my "woods" friends taken this weekend by the deer cam at the woods feeder.

A great Tuesday to Y'all. :wave1: Jim

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a decade ago

Shucky darn to the 'not feeling the best' and I hope that changes real soon. I can relate to time flying by and not getting done all that we'd like. Hang in there, my friend. :hi:




a decade ago

:wave1: Good morning Jim, It always makes me feel good to hear from you....I am sorry that you have not been feeling up to par....Sorry you have to work so hard...wish you could rest more....I hope you and Ebby are taking care of yourselves....Remember you both are in my thoughts and prayers always...Love the picture...You really do live in a beautiful spot....Have a good day and take care...:)




a decade ago

:wave1: Hi Jim! I'm glad that you are still "kicking"! Have a great day! :kiss:

by MA


a decade ago

Great photo, Jim. I sent you a PM. Hope you have a great day. :love:

by BUN201