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Monday, Oct 8 2007 - Another nice fall day blooming here in Georgia!

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Good morning to everyone. Looks as if we have another nice one on the way. To be honest, I am looking forward to a big frost soon and the coming of winter. I love every season and can hardly wait for each of them to develop. Ebby says i'm crazy as she would choose spring and fall the year round.

Yup, Ebby and I are still well and kicking although not very high or fast. Yup, the number of winters definitely has an effect on those things. But! Just to still be able to do most of the things we like is a bonus every morning when we awake. A lot of folks our age aren't able to get around and enjoy the things life affords. We are a couple of the lucky ones.

Woke up a little earlier this morn than usual so just thought I would get the workout in early to start the day off early and give me a little more daylight time outside to do other things I enjoy.

Nope, the rain for the most part still seems to be evading us. We have had a few small showers lately but not enough needed to bring up the water table in our area. Perhaps soon!

OK, nuff from here. Hope you have a nice holiday safe and sound. Jim :)

BP=108/67 @ 7:00 AM after 32 mins workout on BF.

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a decade ago


by MA


a decade ago

:wave1: Yep I am very blessed also...As I read someplace recently...any day that I wake up on the right side of the grass is a good day...I also am looking forward to winter...Have a wonderful day....and remember you all are in my thoughts and prayers daily...:)




a decade ago

Good BP. Yes, I'm lucky too. :) I don't look forward to winter....Brrrr.....

by BUN201