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Morning Y'all, Jim again here, :)

Thursday, January 17th 2008

Hey! Guess what. We got about 2 inches of snow last night but most of it is already gone this morning. Turned to rain about midnight, But in the photo of the deer feeding you can see the snow falling in front of the cam lens. Was a beautiful sight before melting. Was also a very wet snow and could have caused a lot of tree damage if it had accumlated very much.

Ok, both Ebby and I are still kicking although not as high as we would like. Had another c scan monday two weeks ago and still sh...

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Morning Y'all, yup still kicking :)

Friday, January 11th 2008

Morning folks, I haven't forgotten all of my good friends, just finding it difficult to blog right now. Hope this find all of you well and enjoying life.

See the red fox that came to the feeder the othet night. Beautiful animal. JIm :heart2: