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Saturday, Apr 26 2008 - Hi to all my friends and a beautiful spring!

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Hi all, been so long since I've blogged that I had almost forgotten how to do it.

Any way, just a note to let you all know we are doing great for a couple pf oldsters and out in the yard working every day. Spring here has turned into a beautiful thing and we are really enjoying working in the flowers and outside (pool area) garden. Planting everything in buckets inside the pool fence to keep the deer from eating it.

Sorry about not being on much but every one of you can rest assured that I haven't forgotten any of you and think about you very often. Just seems right now that our days are so full that when I do get inside in the evenings this old body is too pooped to get on the computer or log.

Have gone off the diet some, eating more, up to 175# now (6 ft tall) and feeling much better with more energy. I do think I got to low for my body to fully function as it should. Don't know for sure and perhaps that is just an excuse.

Probably will not be on much right now but please keep in touch (all of you) and take good care of your selves.

God bless and have a wonderful spring.

Your friend, Jim

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a decade ago

:wave1: Just letting you know that you and yours are still in my thoughts and prayers.....Hope you are having a wonderful weekend...:)




a decade ago

:wave1: So very happy to see this blog....Sounds like Spring time in Georgia is beautiful...I know your flowers in the picture are....I think you are doing fine with your weight...As we mature we need a little reserve on our least that is what I keep telling myself.....Have a wonderful weekend...and drop in when you feel up to it......:)