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Friday, Jan 14 2011

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Yesterday was a crazy busy day and did not have time to log.....well I chose not too.....needed to get a lot done at work and did not get home until 8:45 and went straight to bed

Yesterday was a great day....another green check for me and a great workout at the gym. Interval training on the treadmill and then a circuit training class. I am using my heart rate monitor to help me get a more acurate calorie burn and I think it is working. I was down another pound this morning! 222....I now officially have lost the 6 pounds I gained from Christmas. I am eating back most of the exercies calories. It is working so I am not going to change it. Now to get back to lowest weight ever......that is my next little goal......

had a great run this morning.....ran 4.5 miles....usually do 5 but I was running in the snow and it was great resistance training but I went a lot slower BUT I feel great.

here is to another great day!

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