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Tuesday, Jan 18 2011

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Whew this weekend was busy and so was yesterday and I did not make time to blog. today is my weigh in day and I was down another 2 pounds! I have to admit after the 4 pound loss last week there was a little "that's all" BUT I do realize those first 4 were probably mostly water weight. I will definately take the 2 pounds.

I did pretty good over the weekend. I participated in the upside down indoor triatholan and it was fun. I pushed myself and felt good about it. We will see where I stack up....the results will be posted sometime today.

Yesterday I did great except for a Captain Crunch episode. My 9 year old daughter came to work with me and it kind of threw my eating/drinking routine off. I did not hydrate enough and I ended up eating like 4-5 cups of Captain Crunch....uggg. But still a 2 pound loss so all is good and I am hydrated this morning! Had a 5 mile jog this morning, all my food is logged except for dinner.....not sure what we are having yet......I am ready for a green check day!

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