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Thursday, Jan 20 2011

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Yesterday was a pretty good day. I was pretty hungry all day. I did go over my calorie target but I was really hungry so I was OK with that. I also underestimate my exercise calories. I wear a heart rate monitor so I have a good idea on my calorie burn. My heart rate monitor said I burned 800ish calories but I usually count half of calories burnned.....then if I am truly hungry I will eat some more.

I do have a sweat tooth and I had some chocolate again that put me over......BUT when I weighed this morning I was the same weight as yesterday so I think all is good.

I did a little run/walk workout this morning and have a personal training appointment tonight.

I am working from home today....we got 8 inches of snow this morning so I will have to work extra hard to stay away from the frig!


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7 years ago

Thanks for the nice comment. I am also in the STL area (IL side) and worked from home yesterday due to the snow day for the kids. I had a VERY hard time keeping from snacking! Luckily, I didn't have much in the house to snack on!

by EMIAJ79



7 years ago

I always do so much better at the office... I eat something just about every hour and am stuck here in front of my computer anyway... so I always log. Good luck today... maybe you can go shovel some of that snow? GREAT cardio!!




7 years ago

I do the same thing with calories - though when you're using a heart rate monitor it's probably not too far off. I like your rule about eating if you are truly hungry though!

by EZ4181



7 years ago

Thanks for your support, I need all of it I can get.

Have you tried detour protein bars? They seriously taste like real chocolate, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and get in the protein. I think they are 180 calories.

I :love: snow days!!!!