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Friday, Feb 4 2011

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It has been a very busy few days. Weekend was busy with family activities and my work is extremely busy right now. Whew. It has been a few days since I have blogged and I really miss keeping the focus blogging and logging my food so I am just going to take the time to do it.

This week was OK. I did not faithfully blog all my food. there were a coulple of days where I logged some but not everything.

We had a bad snow storm this week and I worked 2 days from home. This was very challenging from me. When I work from home I have a hard time staying away from the kitchen. At work I am fine.....but at home I just get the munchies. When I do work from home I am very busy actually working......Next time I am going to have to be more disciplined.

Yesterday I logged everything and got a green check for the day and it did feel good. I had a great workout last night too. I am gettting stronger. I have been working with my personal trainer on doing real push-up (on the toes) and I am getting much better at it. Physically I am feeling much stronger so I know I am doing something good here.

I did finally step on the scale this morning, I was scared to all week. I was at 221! I guess I was not as bad as I thought. I just have to remember that taking the few minutes to blog and log to keep my focus is a better use of energy than just worrying about what I put in my mouth.

Actually all those trips to the kitchen while I was working from home could have been replaced with logging and blogging :) Seems like a simple concept.....why would I make this more complicated. Now time to make this weight loss process less complicated.

All in all the past 5 weeks I have lost 7 pounds. At the new year I started at 228 and now am at 221. Of course I thought I would have lost more weight by now but if I keep doing what I have been doing....1 pound per week I will reach my goal this year and that would feel great!

Oh and thank you to Heidi for checking up on me. I really appreciate that, it really helped me re focus again!

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7 years ago

Congratulations on your weight loss! That is really something to be proud of you. You are doing great. I got out of the habit of using CK (and I ended up gaining a lot of weight back). When I got back in to it this month, I realized how helpful the tools are...And how inspirational and encouraging people are on here (like you!). Where else are you going to get this type of positive support? Everyone on here wants the best for everyone else....If only we could all live in the same town :) Keep up the great work!