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Monday, Feb 7 2011

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Yesterday was good except for a chip attack I had during the super bowl.

We made a healthy chili and my daughters wanted some ruffles and chips so we bought some.

Chips usually are not a trigger for me. But, for some reason last night I had one chip that turned into many chips and dip.

I am OK that I ate them. Had a great run in the morning and did another small workout with a friend in the afternoon. So my calorie burn was a lot higher than I documented.

Things I did good yesterday:

I drank a lot of water and green tea. This really helped me not be so hungry all day
Documented everything I ate.
Exercised - twice:)
Did a ton of laundry

Things I can improve on:

When I take a bite of something and realize I want more. Don't just keep walking by and taking a chip here and a chip there. Go ahead and portion out a serving and just enjoy that serving. I bet I would save calories in the long run.

I am going to change up my blogs a little. I want to list the postive behaviors and things I can improve on. Sometimes I feel like I focus more on the things that I do wrong than well.

Here is to a green check day!

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7 years ago

My girls did not encourage me to buy them. I will always have some kind of "treat" for them on an occasion. I grew up in a house where treats were forbidden and this caused me to binge eat. I do not want my girls to have that same feeling so we allow treats in moderation.




7 years ago

Chips are a total trigger for me!!!! Too bad your girls encouraged buying them.. It is so easy to give in when their is bad stuff around, huh? Sounds like you got over it and did some great things like exercising and having a healthy dinner. great job!!!1




7 years ago

Great job recording all you ate yesterday and for drinking water and tea! I think that really helps to drink tea - I'm trying to drink it more often, too. Also, I think focusing on what you are doing right (rather than "wrong" ) is a great approach! Good going!




7 years ago

You know, I find myself wincing every time I whine, moan and complain in my blog. I often just delete it and tell myself that writing it down was therapeutic enough... no need to always have the whine fest to go back and read. You're wise and you've got plenty of things to be proud of... bring it on... you'll give me some much appreciated advice on things that *I* could do better too!