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Thursday, Feb 10 2011

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I am stressed to the max. Tuesday was great until my husband told me get got suspended from work for 3 days. He is an HR manager and has been in a job that has not been great but was trying to stick it out to get some longevity on his resume. a couple years ago he was laid off and was under employed for 9 months....during this time I gained 40 pounds that I re lost last year. His current employer was never good from the beginning...everyone there is just sour BUT he was trying to make it work because it is so hard to find a job right now. I was really proud of his attitude....he just sucked up all the negativity this company had and really worked hard to fit into their culture. It does not seem that Jason did anything wrong but the owner of the company was angry that he signed something regarding searching for benefits. We believe this is only a suspention and he is not being fired but we will won't know for sure until Monday. My stomach is just in knots!!!!!

So Tuesday evening I knew I was stressed so I decided to have cereal for dinner....I needed something very crunchy and I thought this would be the best food choice. I ate 2 big bowls of cereal (kashi) but then ate about 600 calories in chocolate. I hate to say it but it just felt good.

Yesterday my eating was a lot better. I did not log anything....I was just feeling numb and really could not formulate my thought. yesterday but I did not binge so that is a plus.

Luckily the scale was good to me this morning 221.....I was hoping for 220 this week but with all the stress I will glady take a maintain.

Jason and I hope that he will go back to work Monday after the suspension and they will not fire him and he is already job searching these days he is at home.

This does change my focus some. I do have a personal trainer. I love having a personal trainer BUT I will stop personal training for a while to save more money. I belong to our community center and can do classes for free...I will do those for a while until my savings account has a larger emergency fund.

My husband and I have paid off almost 40,000 in debit the past 4 years and have 1 more year and then we will not have anymore credit card debt. That will feel good. We have a ton of medical bills to pay off as well. I am sad about losing the personal traininer but maybe I will feel more comfortable after I get some more money in savings and pay off those medical bills.

Stress stress stress. I just don't want to gain weight right now. I think this will be my focus.........stress.....

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7 years ago

I'm really sorry about all that you and your husband are going through - that's so rough. From the things you wrote, though, you have a great pro-active plan in place and are still moving in the right direction. As for the food slip up - you are allowed once in a while and you did your course correction which is great. Just keep that focus going and you will get through it. :smile1:




7 years ago

I'm with ya. My husband is un-employed right now and we are STRESSED to the MAX too. We just gotta keep on keeping on and know that these trials make us stronger (even though that's hard to take).




7 years ago

I feel for you going through all of this at once. You are a strong woman and you've done an incredible job of improving yourself mentally and physically. I hope that things go well for your husband's job...Just remember everything happens for a reason. If this company cuts your husband, perhaps its for your and his benefit and he can find a better employer. Good luck and I wish you the best...Stay strong!




7 years ago

Thinking about you. Work stress sucks.




7 years ago

Hey there... go into your closet... dig way into the back... deep deep deeeeeep... back there, you'll find your super suit, Lisa. It takes some extra confidence to put it on (you have to embrace that the bumps and imperfections that we all have are going to show...) but once it's on, you'll realize that it fits like a glove... it's a reflection of how wonderfully strong you are... and Stress Man will bolt! You will face this stress with grace and sass... and you will get through... I promise!




7 years ago

Gosh, that's a lot to handle. Stay strong.