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Tuesday, Mar 1 2011

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Yesterday....finally logged all food for the day. Not the best choices but I entered everything and got a green check....I will take it.

I will go for 2 days in a row. Eveyrhing is logged so far....even the 1.5 donuts I ate this morning......I am OK with that.....I am just going to move forward with today and keep logging and try to get that green check.

Right now I am going to be a turtle about this weight loss since trying to be like a rabbit is not working for me. I think I am going to do what everyone says.....have a goal for a pound a week. ......maybe I will be able to handle that.

I hope everyone has a good day!

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7 years ago

You are on the right track. It's all about logging. When you let it go, you just forget what you are doing. Even if you have bad things to log, just do it!!! Congrats.