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Wednesday, Mar 16 2011

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Back to normal routine. Hit the scale first thing. 227 down from 229 yesterday. I will take it.

Not a green check but I stayed within 1,800 calories. I was hungry last night so I had some of the smart pop popcorn. I feel good about yesterday and am off to a good start for today. Great 4 mile run with my neighbor....all food has been logged except for dinner....not sure what I am having yet.

Feels good to be back in a routine!

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7 years ago

:clap: good starts!!

'My' running group isn't an official Galloway group. We are pretty laid back and there are splinter groups that do different things. There are a few that just finished doing the Rouge Orleans 126 mile trail run :bigeyes3: and some just training for the 5K. It is more of a whatever works for you kind of deal. There are a few mostly newer runners that have think if you don't run the entire distance you aren't a true runner, however when the interval groups pass them half way through, they usually end up trying it our way :devious: