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Friday, Mar 18 2011

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Yesterday was not a green check day. I was just sooo tired yesterday. My boday just hurt everywhere. I even skipped my workout.....which I never do! I love to work out. Unfortunately I ate too many sweets.....I'm sure trying to boost my energy. I went to bed at 8:30pm last night and I feel much better. I will take another day off of exercise today and hit the road tomorrow morning. I am running with a real good friend....I think we are going to go for 7 miles. I did get new running shoes so I look forward to running in them.

I am not beating myself up about last night. I am moving on today. I am just going to keep the focus. Half the work day is over! My weekend will not be crazy busy so I am planning on logging everything!!!!!

Yeah for Friday.

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7 years ago

I'm getting acupuncture for a hip flexor and piriformis (deep butt muscle) and my gluteus medius muscles. I strained them while running about a month ago and I started acupuncture 2 weeks ago. I have noticed a great improvement in the level of pain and my flexibility coming back. My acupuncturist uses a combo of an electrical device and needles which has been great. If you are getting hurt working out I would suggest finding someone who has a background in sports injuries because they will understand the mechanics in relation to types of activities better and will probably be able to pinpoint the treatments more effectively.

Hope that helps! :smile1:




7 years ago

Sometimes even sugar can't provide the energy to get through the exhausted times. I'm glad you're feeling better... your new shoes are going to get quite a workout this weekend!