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Friday, Apr 22 2011

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Yesterday was great until I planned on having 1 bowl of real ice tasted so good I ented up eating 2 more make me go over almost 400 calories! Just 1 cup of ice

On the positive side, I stopped eating and drank a lot of water after. In th past I would have easly 3 cups worth and wondered why I was 316 pounds.

Overall the week has been much better than the past so I am keeping positive regardless. I am logging everything and this is really helping me to putting things in my mouth. I have an iphone now and it is real nice to log while I am out.

I got my running plan! I am very excited. He is building me up nice and slow. I am a little nervous but more excited about these goals. I have 6 races planned for the year. The first one is a 10k on memorial day....a great way to kick off the summer!

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7 years ago

Lisa, I ate lots of chocolate this week. that puts you over fast too!!!! I need to stay away from chips, chocolate and bakery goods. Is that 1/2 of whats good in life??? LOL




7 years ago

I grew up in a Howard Johnson's. seriously. my father was a manager there so i know all about ice cream. i had it every night of my childhood right into adulthood. i stopped now and switched to 40 calorie fudgicles at Public: i'm sure they are available everywhere. but i have one every day in place of my ice cream: and they are creamier than ice pops so they satisfy: maybe you'd like them?
great going with all your goals especially the running! i myself am jealous of that because i'm not there YET. best of luck.

by CHASE55