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Tuesday, Apr 26 2011

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Yesterday I did not have one piece of Easter Candy! The only thing I did was lick the bottom of a bowl that had a mixture of cool whip and instant pudding and crushed pineapple. It was the last of an easter cake we had on Sunday that needed the rest of the topping....BUT I did not eat one piece of the easter cake.

I have to tell you I worked harder mentally to not eat any of the Candy but I did it and I feel very good about it.

I was off work yesterday too and I was home the entire day, except when i went to the boot camp class. I am very proud of myself because there was Easter Candy everywhere and the combinbation of being home all day would have usually meant snacking ALL day.

For some reason i feel that I need something sweet everyday. So yesterday was was trying to work on not needing the sugar and I did it. I even got a green check!

The only bummer was my weigh in this morning 227....yuck. But this is why I posted the postive first. I am not going to dwell on this number....this number is only information to tell me I am not done with my weight loss journey.

I proclaim again to not have any easter candy. I am even going to try not to lick a spoon:)

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7 years ago

Good for you! Send me some of will power... I didn't have a good day yesterday.... Darn chocolate bunnies.