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Wednesday, Apr 27 2011

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Yesterday was a good day. Green check and I had no easter candy again! I had just one bite of the easter cake and that is it. My neighbor and I who I run with are trying not to have any sweet treats for the next 19 days. I have a huge sweet tooth and for some reason feel like I have to HAVE a treat everyday. This is the first time I ever felt comfortable allowing myself to NOT have a sweet treat. The scale was also down 1.5 pounds, 225.5. I just feel so much better physcially. Here is the challange. 3 green checks in a rows....have not done that in a long time.

I told my husband about my challenge of not eating and Easter Candy and he said he was in.....hopefully he can do it but I think he had ice cream after I went to bed.....hopefully I am just modeling good behavior for my family. I know that I cannot nag them as I never wanted to be nagged myself.

have a great day everyone!

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7 years ago

You just keep right on eating what you know you should. You can't be responsible for what your husband eats. Mine can eat a full dinner and then a couple hours later he's eating a peanut butter and jam sandwich, or something. I just have to ignore it.




7 years ago

Modeling the behavior is the best you can do - people will do it when they are ready. Oh and I have a raging sweet tooth myself - thank goodness for those 100 calorie packs or I'd go nuts without some sort of treat. :cross2: Great job on your challenge - you can definitely do it! :y:




7 years ago

Nagging never works!!! No doubt you're providing a wonderful role model for healthy eating and exercise! I applaud the no-sweet challenge, but just a friendly reminder that deprivation rarely results in good things! If you're feeling deprived, consider allowing something small? But if you're feeling stronger for turning those things away... go for it!!!

Oh... and I'm not going anywhere, Lisa... I plan to cross the finish line WITH YOU!!!!