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Monday, May 23 2011

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I was happy about my weekend. It is the first weekend in a long time that I got a green check for Saturday and Sunday!

There were several things that I was happy about:
*Friday my husband and I dropped off daughters and friends at the skating rink and we actually got to go out to dinner...just the 2 of us....that has not happened in a long time. We went to the Outback. I ordered the sweet potato with nothing on it (I love it just baked), the smallest sirlion (I only ate 4 oz of it) and I had a salad. The salad was a splurge because I don't light diet dressings. I rather have a 1/2 - 1 tablespoons of real dressing and take the calories on it than most light dressings. What I was most happy about was they I did not feel deprived. These selections are what I absolutely wanted. My husband got a gigantic porter something that took most of the plate and a loaded baked potatoe and it just looked gross to me. I was just glad that healther choices are becoming more natural form me. Now if I could just do that with the desserts.......I did OK though. I knew we were going to pick up the girls and they would want ice cream. I got a small cone and felt great about my choices. I was not full at all. I actuall had a little hunger in my tummy in the evening but I knew I had eaten enough
*Ran 8 miles and felt very good...even though it was hot and humid.
*This evening my daughter has a softball game right after work. On Monday I would generally take a TRK class. Last night I planned out my workout to do at home. I created a little circuit for myself and I did it this morning. I think I did pretty good. I kept my heart up pretty good, almost as good when I work out with the personal trainer. I usually never feel comfortable doing this type of workout without some kind of instructor. BUT reading blogs on a daily basis and seeing people doing this on their own gave gave me the confidence to do it. Now my workout it done and I can enjoy my daughters softball game tonight (if it does not rain)
*Also, we have just been eating out too much on the weekends. I made it a point that we would only eat out 1 time. The rest of the time I planned ahead so dinner would be ready when we got home so we would not eat out.
I can make good choices eating out but the rest of my family does not...

Things I need to work on:

I am really worried about my husband and 13 year old daughter. My husband especially....he is just eating so much and not moving. I cannot nag him, I know. I am just worried. I can only model good behavior and encourage once in a while.

for my daughter....she just shoves food in her mouth....she eats so fast. She ate 2 hotdogs in like 6 bites....she does not even swallow before taking another bite. She just got done with a softball game and they practiced and hour before that and I knew she was hungry. I just encouraged her to slow down.

I am making healthy choices and am encouraging my family to eat the healthy food. They do like the healthy food but they just add some bad food too it......

I guess I just need to keep doing what I am doing......model good behavior

Boy....I had a lot to say today....

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7 years ago

I have always had that philosophy about salad dressings = good salad dressing (in moderation) makes me eat more salads...soo....worth the calories!!

whooo hooo on getting that workout done on your own!!

You are right about the nagging. You can lead a horse to water and all. Who cooks? I am lucky that I control the menu and my husband cooks it. I can't control his portion sizes...only my own!

by NMA5632



7 years ago

Great job on the check marks. :y:

Just keep doing what you are doing - family catches up when they are ready. In the meantime you are setting a great example by taking care of you and your health and it will rub off eventually. :smile1:




7 years ago

You know that I "feel" ya on the family thing. You can't nag... but I've actually started nudging my husband a little bit... little reminders that we're going on our honeymoon in September and that we can pretend now that we're walking along the Champs Elysees while we're out with the dog. I hear him huffing as we walk along... and it really makes me nervous and uncomfortable. But, like you, I'll continue to eat well and exercise as much as possible in front of my family.

ps... I'm with you on the dressing thing... I *hate* the low-cal ones and would just as soon eat the salad w/o any dressing at all... though, I now just dip the tongs of my fork every few bites. I barely miss dressing anymore.




7 years ago

Keep on doing what you are doing, hopefully they will see how good you look and feel and follow in your footsteps.




7 years ago

What a great weekend!
I hope your family gets onboard with your heathier habits ! It's hard to watch I know.