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Friday, May 27 2011

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The scale finally moved in the right a big way....all of a sudden down 3 pounds.....223. It was not nice seeing it go up.

Patience, patience. it is nice to know the scale is finally reflecting my hard work and decication the past week and a half. I am still feeling great about how I feeling and managing food and how I feel physically. Hopefully I can still reach my mini goal of 221 soon.

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7 years ago

AWESOME - So happy that the scale moved for you!
I am trying very hard to have patience with the scale. Doing all this lifting is keeping me right where I am at and it's not budging more than a few oz. here and there.
Keep up the fantastic work.




7 years ago

Keep doing what you're doing ...and you will definitely get there. Scales can be stubborn, we just gotta show them who's boss!

by NMA5632