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Thursday, Jun 2 2011

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Crazy past couple of days.

Tuesday had to get the van towed. Car would turn over but just die. Had to get a new ignition switch - 348.00 plus 90.00 for towing.

Then this morning the Truck would not start!!! we think it is just the battery BUT come on. I need a financial break!

Was excited. On Tuesday we had a 1 mile time trial for the speed work class i am doing. My goal was to do the mile in 10 minutes. I did it in 9:35 and felt good the entire time. A girl that I usually run the same pace with me just took off running, she was running too fast. I slowed my pace down and ran pretty even laps and ended up passing her up because she just tanked. I need to remember this when I do races....not take off too fast. It is hard to do though.....

Diet has been pretty good. I am logging and getting green checks the past couple of days. I took a couple days of weighing because memorial day I ate what I wanted. I will weight in again tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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7 years ago

Per your post: ha ha, it's far from feathered, it's all over the place. I guess it's the way I took the pic. :) And if this was your hair in the 80's you were tame lol... I had short but BIG hair lol.... I am so excited for tonight and tomorrow morning.




7 years ago

Hugs! I feel your pain... When one thing happens in my house the ball keeps rolling... I hope you have no other issues!

Great on the run!




7 years ago

when it rains it poooooourrrs right?!?! Whooo hooo for your fast mile!! Tell me more about this class!! Speedwork is something I am really trying to work on, but fail miserably. I am that girl that starts off too fasts and tanks!

by NMA5632



7 years ago

It's not a magic bullet but it IS a magic combo. :wink2: