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Thursday, Jun 23 2011

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Yesterday was a green check day. I was happy because my tummy got a little grumbly and I did not run to the kitchen to grab something to eat. Instead I enjoyed the feeling of being hungry.

For dinner we made hamburgers with lean ground beef. We made tator tots. Typically I would eat the hamburger with the bun and not have fries or anything. But last night I wanted the tater tots. So had the hamburger pattie and a few tater tots and I was satisfied.

My left hammy is doing a little better. My Chiro/Personal Trainer and I decided that I should take it easy on the working out the rest of the week and next week. Especially with my 5k coming up this weekend. He said my body could probably use a little break from the intense exercise that I have been doing. We will start back into the weight training next Friday.

I have to admit. I am enjoying the break a little. I am still doing the running but just not the weight training. I am been logging my food carefully because I don't have as many exercise calories. I will step on the scale tomorrow morning. After my weekend in Chicago I was not about to torture myself by weighing in. But since I got back I have gotten green checks so hopefully the scale will reflect that.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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3 comments so far.


6 years ago

you had me at tater tots

take care of that hamstring




6 years ago

Tater tots = :heart2:
They make sweet potato tots too, they are yummy... But sometimes the good old orig. is what you need :)




6 years ago

MMMMM tater tots! I always weigh more after flying too -- do you have a foam roller for your hamstring?

by NMA5632