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Thursday, Jun 30 2011

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No green check yesterday. I was 280 calories over. I honestly did a little stress eating last night but I stopped it. 280 calories of stress eating is not bad for me. I am tired it has been a long emotional week and I have been training for this 10k coming up on the 4th. AND last night my dog got out of the front door and charged a poor dog that was on a leash......luckily everyone is OK . I am ready for summer to be over. During the summer I have to pay for daycare that I don't have to pay for while the girls are in school. Whew I don't have a lot of extra money right now.

Stange I do feel good that it was only 280 calories. It would usually be a lot more than that. And the fact that I know it was 280 calories is even better.

We do not have any big plans over the weekend. No running around like crazy. That will be nice. We are going to chill out!

Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments. It has been so helpful!

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6 years ago

Honestly the 280 splurge is a huge reflection of your self control. The fact that you said "enough" before it got out of control is AWESOME! Enjoy your chilled out weekend!




6 years ago

I'm chillin' too. YEAH to chillin'.




6 years ago

280 is nothin'... You keept control of it and that's great!
Sorry about pup... My dog will take off if I don't have control of him, but the worst he will do is kiss you to death. But chasing after him is enough to make you go crazy.... Glad everyone is ok.




6 years ago

280 calories is not even enough to gain a few ounces...honestly your body may react better to having a variation in calories! And you're right...the knowledge that it was ONLY 280 calories is definitely power!

by NMA5632