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Wednesday, June 22nd 2011

Yesterday was a pretty good day.

My morning walk/jog with my neighbor worried me some because my righ hammy was really bothering me.

I did my prescribed exercises throughout the day and it seemed to losen up. Went to speed work last night and my hammy was a little tight but I was able to do speed work without hurting my form...yeah.

I got back to the chiro tonight. Things looks like the are healing nice and quick so far....crossing my fingers and toes.

Green check for ye...

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Monday, June 20th 2011

Busy work weekend. I was happy how I handled the eating. The lunch that provides was so yucky. It was hotel food. It was chicken and rice. I ate a few small bites and ate real slow so it looked like I was eating. I probably only ate about 10% what was on the plate.

We were in Chicago so I knew we were going to get Chicago style pizza. I enjoyed it and why wouldn't I have 2 slices? That is normal.

For the morning breakfast they had a buffet and there we a couple of yummy ki...

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Friday, June 17th 2011

My new left hamstring injury seems to be related to my extremely tight lower back.

I have been given exercises to do and bought one of the back support things that you put in your chair and/or car. Today I am feeling much better, I can tell things are relaxing.

The plan is to not exercise for until Monday. I cannot remember the last time I had not exercised for 4 days. Only doing the rehab exercised and then I will run on Monday and see what happens. I am going to be a good pat...

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Thursday, June 16th 2011

Did my 30 minute run this morning and my left leg was very uncomfortable. I am going to Chiro today to see what is going on. Good news my right side is perfect - I have been rehabing my right side for a good 6 months and it is almost perfect. Hopefully my left side is just a little tweek. I have a 10 mile scheduled for the weekend. I was going to do it Friday because I am traveling for work over the weekend.

I will just have to see what I should do after my appointment today.

I ...

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Wednesday, June 15th 2011

Just having a blah day. Yesterday was good running wise (2 workouts a 50 minute run and then speed work last night which I did very well). Got a green check too.

I have been seeing a chiropractor about g glut /hamstring/lower back issue I have been having. Finally my right side is great but now my left hip is bothering Hopefully it will go away soon as I have to do a 10 mile run on Friday because I am traveling for work for the weekend.

I guess I feel blah mostly because ...

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