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Friday, July 29th 2011

Yesterday was another green check day. Yeah. This morning the scale was good to me again:) I am soooo ready for Fall. I had a 4 mile run this morning, I hit my pace but I was tired. Tomorrow is another 12 mile run and I am going to have to start super early again. I am looking forward to off of exercise.

My injuries are holding up pretty good. right now my biggest problem is a super tight IT band but it is managable.

I have had such a great couple of weeks with ...

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Thursday, July 28th 2011

A good day yesterday. A green check, a good workout with PT and this morning the scale was nice to me again showing me 220.5! I have not seen that number all year!!!! I had to step off and back on the scale a couple of time. The only thing I have changed is logging all my food and staying in my calorie range at least 5 days per week. Other 2 days have only been a 200 calories over. I am eating back about half of my exercise calories.

Had a good but tough run this morning. Had to do...

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Wednesday, July 27th 2011

Overall yesterday was a good day. Got a green check! My weight is staying steady at 222! I don't want to get too crazy with my weight loss goals since I had a great loss last week. One pound would be great but I am really hoping to be 219....would love to see that new set of numbers. I am just going to do what I did last week.

Speed work was hot but good. Everything we did was super fast but I hit all my goal times but one. It was nice the person how manages our groups times was ve...

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Tuesday, July 26th 2011

Yesterday was a mixed bag of emotions for me. All day I was scared of that Marathon training plan. I went home and ate 2 bowls of honey nut cheerios. I was fighting the urge to skip my weight training class. I finally just put on my workout clothes and went. I was so glad I did.

As soon as I walked into the gym this gentleman said to me "I have been watching you the past 6 months and you are looking very good" That was nice to hear! Then the class helped make my nervous en...

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Monday, July 25th 2011

-4.25 for the PAW Challenge!!!! I was 222 this morning. I was at 221 for 4 days but of course this morning it went up a pound but I am not complaining at all.

The past we I had 5 green check days. The 2 other days I was in the red I only over by 150-200 calories. I tracked almost every single morsel. It was a very good week. I did not deprive myself. I did have french fries one day, I had ice cream too but it was all in my calorie range.

The workouts were pretty good too. My ...

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