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Wednesday, Aug 24 2011

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I am just in a blah space right now. I think it is almost the TOM......

I could not do speedwork yesterday morning because my knee was driving me crazy so I just walked. Luckily I had an appointment with the Chiro yesterday. He thinks it is totally fixable. He thinks it is my meniscus. He worked on it like crazy yesterday and I am going to test it out tomorrow morning.

My IT band is not long tight like it was so hopefully this will pass soon.

It seems to be better this morning.

I am supposed to run 16 miles this weekend. We will see what I can do. I will not do anything crazy. I have plenty of time to train.

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6 years ago

Glad it sounds like nothing major, and you know when to give your body a rest. Let us know how your knee feels today! Have a good one!