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Saturday, Sep 17 2011

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I LOVE fall weather! Had the best 4 mile jog I have had in a LONG time. I kept having to slow down to be at the right pace. I eeded to be careful because of my big run tomorrow....cannot burn out my legs today. I sure needed that feeling. I don't even feel like I exercised this morning.

Another great thing about yesterday. Put on a pair of Jeans for the first time this fall. Of course I still have anxiety when I have not worn something for a couple of months. My Jeans were loose! Much looser than when I wore them last! Even though the weigh is not changing body is.

Also, yesterday at work I was packing a box and my wedding bad fell off, I now have to wear it on my middle finger.

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6 years ago

I absolutely LOVE those kinds of runs and WOO HOO on the too loose jeans. Nice work missy. :thumbu2:




6 years ago

Look at you miss slim :queen: Nice non-scale victories! Hope to meet up with you soon!!!!