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Monday, Sep 26 2011

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Back to 217! I actually increased how many calories I have been eating. I had been only eating back 1/2 of my exercise calories and decided I might need to eat back more and it seems to be helping. I am going to try this again this week and see if I still get the same results.

last week I met with my running coach to learn about strength training for runners. I think it was the best $50.00 I have spent on running. I learned a lot and I got a lot of running drills to better help my stride.

Sunday was my longest training run, I had to run for 3 hours and 30 minutes. I ran 17.13 miles!!!! I had to do the run in my neightborhood which is pretty hilly BUT I felt very good the entire time and the last 2 miles I was able to increase my speed.

Next week I get a little break with a 12 mile run.

Oh, the weather is PERFECT running weather in Missouir. I just love it.

My husband is busy looking for another job to suppliment his new part time job status. It is a little stressfull but we are really lucky about his part time job.....they could have just let him go. So he has a really great part time job and hopefully with everyone hiring help for the holidays he will have another one too.

I also had a talk with my husband about his health. He is just eating so much and not moving at all. I told him things are not going to happen for him until he starts taking care of himself. He agreed with me. We bought him a good pair of walking shoes this weekend so hopefullly I will be seeing him take some walks and start to watch his calorie intake. I understand his is depressed about his situation but sometimes you have to fake it to start feeling good.

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6 years ago





6 years ago

Woo hoo on the weigh in! That is awesome!
So glad your workout with running coach was great, feel free to share his tips :)
I really hope your hubby gets to a better place and starts to take care of himself.




6 years ago

Great job on that scale missy! And, of course, awesome job on the running! :thumbu2: I bet the extra calories will help you out both on the weight loss and running fronts. I tend to eat back almost all of my calories and it really helps me - everyone is different of course but I think it helps me to stay fueled consistently for the longer stretches. Can't wait to hear about the next long one. :smile1:




6 years ago

Nice weigh-in, girlie pie! I think a great running coach is essential to anyone who runs seriously or long distance. My running coach even recommended a specific personal trainer who focused on training people to get through their halfs/full marathons.

I wish I could run along side with you, this weather here is perfect for running. And glad your husband has you to depend on for both his health and happiness.




6 years ago

Great job on your 217! Almost 100 lbs how exciting! It's great you can be there for your husband and that he is listening to you... A sign of a great couple =)