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Monday, Oct 17 2011

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216.25. Yeah. Only a .25 loss BUT I am very happy that I have mainly maintained this weight. When I got to this weight last summer it did not last long....maybe 2-3 weeks. The other thing I am happy about is that I had a very busy week at work and home so I did not do a great job a logging. Usually I have to log faithfully to drop some weight. I am hoping this shows that eating healthier and in less quantities is becoming more natural for me.

Now this week I plan to log faithfully and hopefully I will see a new number 215:)

I really appreciate everyone's support last week. I got great advise from everyone here and my running coach told me I cannot only focus on the outcome of the race(simple I know). I should focus on the training and trust the process. he said the training that I have been doing since June/July should set me up to PR if nothing crazy happens before or on race day. I needed a simple concept to focus on AND it helped. The stress and anxiety I was feeling about the race has reduced so much. I know I will start to get more nervous toward the end of the week but I think that is normal.

On Saturday we drove the half course (running coach said it is really important to know the course).

I had another great week of running - feeling strong during all my runs. I only had to run 1 hour last week for my long run. It felt very strange running less than 3 hours! Got to love a taper! The only issue I am having is I caught a little cold. Everyone around me has been getting pretty sick at work an home. Luckily my cold did not get too bad and seems to be going away quickly.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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6 years ago

You are doing awesome girl! Focus on what you can control fo the race. You've done all you need to do to train and you are ready - be sure to enjoy the race while you are doing it. Oh and I'm totally jealous of your taper - we won't get ours until the last few weeks of December. :help:




6 years ago

Great job on your loss! Enjoy your taper =) And I know you will get to 215. Thank you for all of your support on my blogs. I am starting to feel better today, it was just a rough week last week.




6 years ago

Woo Hoo!!!!!




6 years ago

You are amazing! I can't imagine running for ten minutes, let alone three hours. Also, it's great that you are seeing results without dedicated logging. It does seem like that's a good sign you are adjusting eating habits/behaviors "naturally." That's what we want: healthy eating as our normal, eh?




6 years ago

sounds like you have a good trainer.




6 years ago

The trainer is right. You've trained well and sometimes what happens on race day is totally out of your control. It is the addiction of running! Nervous is normal, and the adrenaline will be pumping on race day. Just run how you trained. Very important!

by NMA5632