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Wednesday, Nov 30 2011

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Well poo......218 this morning. I am back where I started at the beginning of the month. Sigh.....

BUT, the good thing is, I know exactly what I need to do to see 214 again. The past 2 weeks I have not been weighing myself daily AND I have not been logging all my food. Obviously I am not ready to stop using these 2 tools. When I do these things the scale moves in the right direction. On a positive note I did not gain during this month. It was a big holiday month, I traveled and have been running around crazy. So even though I did not lose this month I will say that maintaining is success. BUT I cannot get too comfortable staying at this weight because I am not!

I read someone else's post this morning and it made me think that I need to work on allowing myself to be successful. I did a Full Marathon this month and I still feel like I was not successful.......why would I feel that way???? I was watching the biggest loser last week and they were doing an endurance challenge, climbing that biggest loser ladder thing and all I could think was I wish I could do something cool like that. My husband yelled at me and said "YOU DID, YOU RAN A FULL MARATHON A WEEK OR SO AGO!!! YOU DID MORE THAN WHAT THEY ARE DOING NOW" So I have some mental work to do.

A great Christmas present to myself would be to see 213. I think this is doable.

I got my new post marathon running plan (my Christmas present). Decmeber is longest run will be 8 miles. It will be a nice break from crazy running and I will get in more cross training. last week I swam laps and did a step class it was fun! January is a different story, he has me doing a frostbite half marathon and another race. There is a half marathon here in St. Louis in April called "Go St. Louis" I have run this half marathon 3 times. My best time was 2:29. Tim says my new goal will be 2:20!!!! He says I can do it. I have to trust him, he has been right on so far so I guess I have to follow his crazy plan.....

I also have to give props to my husband. He is working so hard and has had a great attitude. Good news is at his second job they did promoted him to Furniture Manager and with this new pay with the second job and the PT professional position he will be making almost the same amount of money he did with the Professional full time position. He also had a second phone interview this week for a full time professional position and her felt really good about it so he hopes to get in for a face to face interview next week. This second job is also doing his body some good. He has definately lost some can tell. I am just impressed with his determination about this and it really has made me fall in love with him again. Boy, I need to blog more. THis was a super long post.....

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6 years ago

bring on DECEMBER!!! you WILL rock it! :rock1::rock1:
i'm pulling for you! :kiss:




6 years ago

LOVE the comment by the hubs about the marathon! You can totally do the 2:20 thing at the half - just train for it and you will get there. :thumbu2:




6 years ago

I agree...You are a ROCKSTAR!




6 years ago

Yeah for your hubs... Fingers crossed for him. I am so glad he is in a better place.

I know what you mean about the mental work, I have a lot go do as well. But your husband is so right! Yeah for him for pointing it out to you.

Sorry about the weigh in, I hope the # goes back down quickly.




6 years ago

Great news about your husband! I hope you do let yourself enjoy your successes, you are doing incredible things. And I know you can get to 213 before the new year. You can do it!




6 years ago

are you kidding me? You are a rock star, a fast rock star at that!! You should be so totally amazed at what your body is capable of doing!!