SAXONHARP's Dec 2011 CalorieKing Blog

Friday, December 30th 2011

4 days in a row of logging and 3 green checks. I am feeling good about that and my body is too. Yesterday was a little better eating, nothing impulsive. I need to decrease my carbs and sodium and pump up the protien.

I am ready for the weekend. Work stress is pretty high and it will be nice to get a 3 day weekend. We are going to a friends house for New Years (very low key) eve but that is it. My plan is to hang at home and organize the house.

I hope everyone has a wonderful a...

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Thursday, December 29th 2011

Another green check, barely, but a green check. At the end of the evening I ate 2 lemon cream cookies and a fun size milky way and i am not quite sure why I did that. Luckily I had enough calories.

Not going to beat myself up as this week I am going for logging, staying within the calorie range (green check) and drinking water. I am slowly making better food choices and my body is feeling so much better.

Wednesday, December 28th 2011

OK. Getting back on track eating wise. Got a green check yesterday. Not the best nutrution BUT the calories were in range. I even feel better.

Baby steps, baby steps. This morning did hill repeats for my running workout. It was fun, a nice change of pace. I have not done speedwork in a while.

Still have not stepped on the scale yet. I can tell by my pants that I will not like the news. So I will avoid the scale a little longer knowing I am loggin all my food.

There are ...

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Tuesday, December 27th 2011

Getting better control. I was not perfect yesterday but I logged all my food and stayed under 2,000 calories. I drank a ton of water and it felt good.

It was snowing this morning in St. Louis! I was supposed to do hill repeats but it was too slushy outside. Instead I swan laps for 50 minutes. It felt good.

Here is to another day of control!!!!

Monday, December 26th 2011

Well the holiday stress and craziness at work got to me and I did not do well eating wise. I ate way too much and I honesty feel gross. I really don't want to step on the scale right now. I really don't need to because I know that I have put on some extra pounds, I am sure 5-10 pounds based on the way I feel........ my pants are snug, a little bit of the muffin top is creeping over and there is a little more giggle when I am running and exercising. Just in 2 short weeks things can change tha...

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