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Monday, Dec 26 2011

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Well the holiday stress and craziness at work got to me and I did not do well eating wise. I ate way too much and I honesty feel gross. I really don't want to step on the scale right now. I really don't need to because I know that I have put on some extra pounds, I am sure 5-10 pounds based on the way I feel........ my pants are snug, a little bit of the muffin top is creeping over and there is a little more giggle when I am running and exercising. Just in 2 short weeks things can change that fast! The only positive is my workouts have been going well.

It kind of makes me miss that marathon training, I could eat a lot more and still lose inches and shed some pounds.

We did have a nice and relaxing Christmas and I appreciate that.

I am off work today but don't want to let this out of control eating continue another week. I am trying to recommit again to eating within my calorie range. I am drinking tons of water this morning and it feels really good.

Update on hubby's potential job. He did have that 4th interview to meet 2 other plant managers and it went well. We did not hear from them all week so Jason called the gal he has been working with to follow up. She said the 2 other candidates still need to meet with the other plant it is still down to 3 people. She did say that the plant managers liked him and said that they felt they could work well with him. We just have to wait and see if they like the other 2 candiates better. We should know later this week or next. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!!!!!

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6 years ago

fingers crossed for your husband's interviews. :smile1:




6 years ago

Hey girl don't get too discouraged by a little set back. Look at how far you've come. Time to get back at it and work your magic. You can do it I know it!




6 years ago

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great holiday with your family.
I have my fingers crossed for your hubby! I don't want to step on the scale either... I am very scared... ;)




6 years ago

4th interview! That does sound promising. I hope they choose him!
I know what you mean about feeling gross. I feel a bit bloated as well. Although I had a great time I am glad I back to eating my normal healthy food.

by KTAB96



6 years ago

Thanks for your comment on my blog. As much as I enjoyed the sugar going down I hated how it made me feel. We have a new attitude...right??