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Monday, Jan 16 2012

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Still at 222 - no loss for this week. At least I did not gain. Mid week I was looking like I might lose 2-3 pounds but I scale bounced back up. I got my monthly suprise yesterday so this might be the reason I had my chocolate attack on Thrusday.

Overall the week went well. One day I was over 800 calories (chocolate attack) and one other day I was over 200 calories but I was really hungry and they were healthy extra calories. My jeans are fitting better too so I am pretty content overall. OK just a tiny disappoint but no reason beat myself up.

Yesterday was an 11 mile run day. Boy I really did not want to do it. I am just tired. Since Jason is working so much I pretty much am a single mother. I am very lucky my daughters are very good girls and they make it so much easier than it could be, but, I just keep moving and never feel like I get ahead with anything. So I told myslef just to run it super slow and I did a 12:30 average pace. My shins and knees have been super achy after long runs so I knew it was time for new shoes but wanted to wait for the next paycheck. BUT after this last long run I went straight to the running store! I left there only spending $69.00 on running shoes. That is crazy, they are usually 4100-$125 because I have difficult feet to fit. The shoes that I got were already like 25% off and then I has $25.00 worth of points to spend. I felt so much better about buying the shoes after that.

I am supposed to run a half marathon next weekend. I don't have a problem running the miles but I am concerned that I cannot really race it. I am just so tired. Do you see a theme here? I am tired. We will see. I am not worrried about PRing this one......

Oh job update for my husband. They still have to go through their hiring process. Still haven't been able to get the other candidates out to the plant yet. She says they should have it all wrapped up by the end of the month. She just wants the plant managers to have a choice of who they want in this position. We will see......

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6 years ago

That 11 mile run may have something to do with maintaining this week. After a long run I tend to retain water for a day or two which could be happening for you too. As for the tired be sure to listen to your body and do what you can. It's okay not to race every event - sometimes finishing is victory enough in my opinion. Hang in there. :smile1:




6 years ago

TOM is a mean mean beast, lol. You will bounce right back in a few days :)
Great deal on the sneaks. I love when I can get a great deal.




6 years ago

Your feeling of tiredness probably has a lot to do with TOM. You are doing really well!! I think it is time for some new running shoes for me too but I am cringing at the cost, you got a good deal! Just stay on it and you will push past the walls =)